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Tips For Dealerships Regarding COVID-19 Updates

By Skip Soucie on May 8, 2020 12:25:37 PM

There seems to be light on the horizon. This past weekend, a number of states began their own respective "Phase 1" of carefully reopening businesses and lifting restrictions.

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5 Simple Tips For Creating Great Email Marketing During COVID-19

By Skip Soucie on Apr 27, 2020 4:21:08 PM

Looking for ways to reach your customers effectively and maximize your marketing ROI during the COVID-19 Pandemic? Look no further than your CRM.

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Service Center Opportunities: Navigating COVID-19

By Skip Soucie on Apr 14, 2020 5:23:33 PM

With COVID-19 relegating everyone indoors and slowing down the economy, dealers everywhere are feeling the impact. It’s important to remember though that the downturn will pass.

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What Dealers Can Do To Minimize COVID-19's Impact

By Skip Soucie on Apr 3, 2020 4:52:47 PM

It's been nearly a month since the Coronavirus pandemic began in the U.S., and many industries are feeling the effects of it. While the automotive industry is no exception, there are many dealers taking extra steps to minimize COVID-19’s impact on their business.

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Getting In Front of COVID-19: Social Media Is Your Most Powerful Tool

By Skip Soucie on Mar 20, 2020 10:44:34 AM

COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, has caused quite a bit of concern across the world. Now more than ever, we understand the need for your dealership to be able to respond quickly and make marketing adjustments on the fly. With that in mind, we've outlined things you can do to be influential and proactive during these uncertain times. 

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Vehicle Subscription Services: What Are They & How Should You Prepare

By Skip Soucie on Oct 11, 2019 6:24:35 PM

Everyone has Netflix because of how amazingly convenient and cheap it is. Pay a few bucks a month and enjoy binge watching to your heart's content. Now, imagine if dealerships offered cars like Netflix offers movies.

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3 Clever Ways Dealers Can Protect Buyers From Car Theft

By Skip Soucie on Aug 17, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Dealerships that set themselves apart from the competition are ones that take care of customers long after they sell them a car. One underutilized technique to do this is to educate and equip customers on the important topic of car theft and how to prevent it.

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How One Dealership Is Using Uber To Build Its Word Of Mouth Reputation

By Hale Soucie on Apr 21, 2019 8:17:59 PM

Car dealerships are constantly looking for innovative ways to put their name out in the marketplace. One dealership has developed an interesting strategy benefiting from the popularity of transportation networking company, Uber.

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