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How One Dealership Is Using Uber to Build its Word of Mouth Reputation

Apr 21, 2019 8:17:59 PM

Car dealerships are constantly looking for innovative ways to put their name out in the marketplace. One dealership has developed an interesting strategy benefiting from the popularity of transportation networking company, Uber.

Uber, connects customers with willing drivers through a smart phone app and offers a more convenient and comfortable experience for people searching for a ride. Compared to taxis, Uber requires later model vehicles to drive for the company. Along with the convenience it offers, it also provides a more luxurious atmosphere to customers.

This is where Toyota of Plano Texas developed an interesting strategy that benefits both the dealership and Uber drivers themselves. Toyota of Plano realized that Uber patrons are likely to be in the market for a car or will be soon. A shiny new car rolling up with a Toyota of Plano license border is great advertising. Even better advertising, is the conversation the Uber driver and patron might have about the car, and by extension, the dealership.

To take advantage of all these factors, Toyota of Plano came up with a strategy of offering aggressive pricing deals for Uber drivers. By doing this, the dealership builds a word of mouth empire that more than pays for itself in referrals.

This is just one of countless examples of ways to increase awareness of your dealership in your marketplace. Using this as food for thought, what are some ways your dealership could raise awareness in your prospective customers?

Hale Soucie

Written by Hale Soucie

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