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Turnkey Managed Solutions

Want to sell more cars? Complete more service ROs? Outperform local competitors? Bring back old customers? We can work with you to build a custom solution. Our products are based on your goals, because we believe you know what your dealership needs.

We use our extensive databases and powerful ad delivery networks to guarantee that you meet those goals. All solutions are turnkey (requiring only minimal setup on your end) and come with our ROI guarantee to ensure you receive the promised Return On Investment from the services that Edifice Automotive provides.

Some of the goals we can help you with include:

  • Making sure people in your market who are buying your brand don't go to a competitor. 
  • Dominating your local market - show buyers that your brand and store are their best solution.
  • Breathing new life into dead leads for your sales team to close more qualified deals faster.
  • Reaching local brand owners not in your DMS, and bringing them in for service or purchase.
  • Re-engaging with prior customers and establishing a return business revenue flow. 

To discuss how we can build a custom solution to improve your sales or service marketing, click below and a Specialist will be in touch!


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Our free, no-obligation market study includes a detailed snapshot of your area of influence. Full shopper and brand owner counts, as well as insight into your competitors’ performance gives you the true potential for growth in your market.

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