Edifice’s Data & Analytics capabilities provides dealers an advantage in their market.

Data & Analytics 

Since 2005, Edifice has been accumulating the most accurate consumer data available, striving to place itself on the forefront of data digital marketing.  Edifice’s databases now contain billions of records and only continue to grow. Through access to some of the largest databases in the world, as well as its own proprietary data solutions, Edifice offers a wide range of powerful data services designed to target new and existing customers with pin-point accuracy as well as assure that you have the most accurate and current information about your customers.

Data Services Include:

  • Data Hygiene – Refresh your Current Data
  • Data Enhancement – Append demographic and psychographic information to your database
  • Email Appends – Append email addresses to your consumer database and expand your communication
  • Email Verification – Avoiding outdated or invalid email addresses.
  • Portrait Reports – Gain greater insight into the demographics and psychographics of your customer database
Data & Analytics

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