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Email Marketing

Email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the United States according to the Direct Marketing Association. This is because commercial email is broadly welcomed – even valued – by customers in making purchasing decisions. When questioned in regards to email marketing 28% of those polled said that they would like companies to send them more promotional emails informing them of sales and specials, and 29% wanted emails more personalized to their preferences and behavior. Edifice offers Email Marketing solutions that do just that: reach in-market buyers with personalized emails in a way that will drive more prospects to your dealership.

Edifice’s proprietary cloud-based email platform uses the same technology that delivers a quarter of the world’s email daily. When combined with Edifice’s extensive database of verified active Email addresses, this platform gives you the ability to dominate your market. These records can be used in conjunction with your records, or separately to drive your competitor’s customers to your website and dealership. All email solutions are turn-key and require only your approval. With personalized and attractive content, Edifice will reach prospects accurately and effectively for you to greatly increase your sales and service revenues.

Email Marketing
  • Verified Active Email Addresses
  • Use alongside your data to keep customers active and reach new prospects.
  • 7x-13x ROI on average for dealers using Edifice’s Email Solutions.
  • Increase website traffic, impressions and brand awareness.
  • Exponentially increase potential customers.
  • Guaranteed Results

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