Target consumers in your primary market area on their mobile devices and drive them to your dealership.  Contact Edifice to get started today.

Mobile Advertising

Mobile Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach prospects. With Edifice’s Mobile Advertising, dealers can significantly boost sales and service revenue by driving prospects to their dealership. Edifice Automotive offers mobile solutions on all MCM Sales Solutions.

Through programmatic display, Edifice can deliver dealers’ messages in mobile apps and mobile browsers. Hyper-Local Targeting allows you to cover specific areas with your message–this could be high traffic areas like a sports event, a shopping center, or even one of one of your competitors.

Contact Edifice today for a demonstration on the incredible options available to you with mobile marketing, and start selling more cars!

Mobile Advertising
  • Display advertisements in Mobile Apps.
  • Display advertisements in Mobile Browsers.
  • Set Geo-Fencing parameters to reach prospects near your dealership.
  • Increase website traffic, impressions and brand awareness.
  • Exponentially increase potential customers.
  • Guaranteed Results

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